Dean Jones and Gregory Isaacs: A Musical Connection

 Dean Jones and Gregory Isaacs: A Musical Connection

Did you know that Dean Jones, the founder of Jamaica Homes, shares a fascinating family connection with the legendary Jamaican musician Gregory Isaacs? It's true! Gregory Isaacs was Dean's mum's first cousin, making him Dean's second cousin. The connection runs deep in their family roots.

A Musical Legacy

Dean Jones comes from a sprawling family tree, and his musical heritage is just as extensive. His mother's maiden name, Isaacs, links him to Gregory Isaacs, whose soulful reggae melodies have left an indelible mark on the music world. But this is just the beginning of Dean's remarkable family history.

Jamaican Roots

Dean spent a significant part of his childhood in Jamaica, a place he still holds close to his heart. It was in St. Catherine, Jamaica, where he created some of his fondest memories. Dean's early years were filled with adventures in the Jamaican countryside, surrounded by animals and the wonders of nature.

A Hurricane's Impact

Dean has vivid memories of the devastating Hurricane Gilbert that struck Jamaica. As a witness to the destruction it caused, he developed a strong attachment to the island and its culture. Dean's deep connection with Jamaica is rooted in these early experiences and the resilience he witnessed in the face of natural disasters.

The Soundtrack of His Youth

Growing up in Jamaica, Dean was immersed in the vibrant sounds of reggae and dancehall music. Artists like Bob Marley, Garnet Silk, Sanchez, and Beres Hammond filled the airwaves. This was the era of Jamaican sound systems, where legendary names like Stone Love, 4x4 Exodus, and others ruled the music scene.

A Glimpse into the Past

Dean fondly reminisces about a Jamaica that was still relatively undeveloped. He recalls free visits to Dunn's River Falls and the sight of abundant banana farms dotting the landscape. It was a time when the country's rich history, stunning beaches like Hellshire Beach, and close-knit farming communities shaped his worldview.

A Fascinating Time to Grow Up

Dean's childhood in Jamaica was marked by not only the enchanting beauty of the island but also the challenges of volatile political times. Sound clashes, political conflicts, and the echoes of a bygone era all played a role in shaping his unique perspective.

Dean Jones, the founder of Jamaica Homes, brings this rich tapestry of experiences to the world of travel and hospitality. His journey from the Jamaican countryside to the global stage of hosting is a testament to the diverse influences that have made him the visionary he is today.

As Dean continues to innovate and create within the world of real estate, he carries with him the spirit of Jamaica and the echoes of its music that have resonated through generations.

Jamaica Homes

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