Dean Jones: A Visionary Chartered Fellow and Founder of Jamaica Homes

Dean Jones: A Visionary Chartered Fellow and Founder of Jamaica Homes

KINGSTON, JAMAICA - November 24, 2023

Dean Jones, the luminary founder and CEO of Jamaica Homes, emerges not only as a visionary entrepreneur but also as a distinguished Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). This esteemed recognition echoes his adept leadership, vast experience, and profound expertise in the real estate industry. In this narrative, we unravel the remarkable qualities propelling Dean to achieve this prestigious acknowledgment and delve into his transformative journey from project management to entrepreneurship.

Dean Jones: A Savvy and Accomplished Leader

Attaining the status of a Chartered Fellow with the CIOB globally underscores strategic prowess, adept people skills, and substantial business impact. Dean's journey toward this accolade commenced with a stellar track record in project management and leadership roles. Occupying senior positions with decision-making responsibilities for both direct reports and organizational strategic objectives, Dean demonstrated his adept approach in navigating intricate responsibilities.

As the Director of Strategic Projects at Cranfield University, Dean shouldered significant responsibilities, leading the development of MK:U, a revolutionary New Model University for Milton Keynes. This ambitious venture, with an estimated budget of £450 million, spotlighted Dean's ability to manage large-scale initiatives contributing to educational advancement and community development.

Dean Jones: An Influencer and Trailblazer

Dean's influence transcends organizational boundaries. In his role as a project manager at Circle Housing Group, he successfully implemented the New Care Home Investment Program valued at £250 million. This accomplishment showcased his pioneering spirit in managing projects that significantly impact the community and the housing sector.

Furthermore, Dean played a pivotal role in the Palace of Westminster security program, contributing to the safety and integrity of a national landmark. His influence in the fields of security and strategic planning reflects his commitment to broader societal concerns.

Dean Jones: An Ethical Leadership Role Model

Integral to achieving Chartered Fellow status is the promotion of ethical and social responsibility within the organization. As the founder and CEO of Jamaica Homes, Dean Jones exemplifies this commitment in his entrepreneurial venture. Jamaica Homes' ethos is grounded in ethical business practices and a dedication to social responsibility.

Dean's leadership style emphasizes transparency and integrity, aligning with the principles of the CIOB. His commitment to ethical standards is not only reflected in the operations of Jamaica Homes but also extends to his advocacy for ethical considerations within the broader business community.

Recognition of Dean Jones's Contributions

Dean's contributions and achievements have garnered recognition in various publications, showcasing his influence and expertise in real estate, business coaching, and web development. His insights have been featured in renowned publications such as Programming Insider, Telesup, ExpoTab, MinexWorld, Business to Mark, Vents Magazine, STHint, Waterways Magazine, Tech Magazines, Scoop Earth, Time Business News, and Tech Slash.

Dean Jones: Shaping the Future and Creating Value

Becoming a Chartered Fellow is not just a personal achievement; it signifies a commitment to inspiring and shaping the future through stimulating leadership skills. Dean's leadership journey, marked by his roles in strategic projects and groundbreaking initiatives, aligns with the vision of the CIOB. His ability to drive change and create value for organizations and communities has been a defining aspect of his career.

Dean's Educational Background and Jamaican Heritage

Dean Jones's journey to entrepreneurship and leadership is deeply rooted in his educational background and cultural heritage. Born and raised in the Islington, Angel neighborhood in central London, Dean's early education at Hugh Myddelton Primary School laid the foundation for his academic pursuits. He later graduated from Loxford High School in Essex.

Dean's academic journey continued at Central Saint Martins College, where he earned a bachelor's degree in graphic design and a master's degree in communication design in 2000. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his postgraduate diploma in building surveying with distinction from LSBU in 2009.

Dean's family history, rooted in the Windrush Generation, reflects the rich tapestry of his cultural heritage. His parents, part of the generation immigrating from the Caribbean to Britain, instilled in him a sense of resilience and determination. Dean's father's Jamaican roots, blended with African escapee heritage, contribute to his deep connection with nature and wildlife, nurtured during regular visits to Jamaica.


Dean Jones, the founder of Jamaica Homes and a Chartered Fellow of the CIOB, stands as a savvy, experienced, knowledgeable, and influential leader. His journey from project management roles to entrepreneurship is marked by a commitment to ethical leadership, social responsibility, and a visionary approach to shaping the future. Dean's recognition as a Chartered Fellow is not just a personal achievement but a testament to his significant contributions to the industry and society at large. As he continues to lead Jamaica Homes, Dean remains a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, showcasing the impact of strategic leadership and a dedication to creating positive change.

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